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When Lee, a wanna-be rock star with a roving eye discovers his girlfriend Emily has disappeared without trace, his entire life is turned upside down. Lee fears the worst as Emily had only just moved into her idea of the perfect apartment, situated upstairs in an old house. When Lee suspects that the landlord Gideon Cranley, a quiet but intimidating presence, might be involved in her disappearance, he is drawn into a world of violence and depravity, and must confront a horror more terrifying, more frightening, than anything he could ever have imagined – the dark side of love.

Written by David Scinto (SEXY BEAST, GANGSTER No 1 and 44” CHEST), and employing his trademark humour, this is a thriller like no other. In the tradition of Roman Polanski’s The Tenant and Richard Fleisher’s 10 Rillington Place, NIGHTFLOWER is set to re-define genre cinema the same way Sexy Beast re-defined gangster cinema. NIGHTFLOWER will be directed by Eron Sheean (Errors of the Human Body).


Noah Taylor is CRANLEY

Frank Dillane is LEE

Frances Barber is MOTHER



Eron Sheean (Errors of the Human Body)

Lizzette Atkins

Michael Wrenn

David Scinto (Sexy Beast, Gangster No 1 and 44” Chest)